At Carpet Binding Services, The edges of custom rugs/carpets can be treated with several attractive options, one of them is binding. Binding comes in hundreds of colors to match the carpeting. They are pressure-dyed to resist fading, and are stain-resistant. Binding not only enhances the beauty of the carpet but will eliminate frayed edges thereby extending the life of your carpet.

The standard binding used to match carpeting (over 200 colors in stock) is 7/8 inch wide synthetic tape. Custom ordered wide canvas binding is also available at by special order.

If you are a carpet dealer you already know that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising. Repeat business is the lifeline in the carpet industry. With this in mind, and with so many more dealers vying for the same customers you need to offer more for less. Carpet binding is an inexpensive and valuable add-on to make your customer feel good about doing business with you. Whether it be binding area rugs, room size carpets, runners or making something of the scraps left from a job, your customer will appreciate the extra service you are offering.