History at CBS

He started the business using a portable binding machine, binding carpets for local installation companies and retail stores at their facilities.  Over the years the business evolved into a full service carpet finishing operation, offering cutting, carpet binding, serging, fringing and delivery of carpets to hundreds of companies and customers in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Area (including parts of Virginia).

Carpet Binding Services has a dedicated warehouse operation which is equipped with industrial grade equipment, for receiving carpets, cutting and binding carpet cove base, cutting and binding area rugs and specialty carpets (ovals, circles etc), fringing and serging both regular (Berber, plush, level loop) and Oriental carpeting.

For over 38 years we’ve provided the Baltimore-Washington DC area with our professional services. Do you need a rug or runner bound, serged, or fringed? Our custom carpet services include carpet: binding, serging, fringing, and carpet cove base cutting. Our wide range of heavy-duty equipment allows us to apply a wide variety of edgings to even the most difficult carpets.