Carpet Binding Service, Inc. is a Carpet Finishing Business


Carpet Binding Service, Inc. is a warehouse-based service that uses the finest equipment available to apply fabric and yarn edging to carpet that protects the life and look of the carpet. We have delivered fast, high quality service many clients in the Baltimore, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas since 1970 and also accept walk-in customers.

If you are not in the local area, we can receive your carpet and ship it back to you! We can cut your carpet to specification and also can produce high volumes of high quality carpet cove base at many different widths quickly and affordably. Call us at 301-773-1334!

We would love to talk with you about how we can help your company be more profitable and provide your customers with a high quality product. Click Here for More!.

We take a great deal of pride in not only our precision work, but also our expedient service. Under normal conditions we can turn your work around in three days; however, some work may require additional time for materials or shipping. Our goal is to turn around your work as fast as possible. We cater to contractors and business that have better things to do with their time than cutting and finishing carpets. Thank you for visiting our website we hope to hearing from you.  Serving the Baltimore, MD, Washington DC, Virginia areas and more..

Call 301-773-1334 for fast quotes
We welcome walk in customers.

Affordable Carpet Binding, Carpet Repair, All Custom Carpet Production

Carpet Binding Service, Inc. is a Family owned & operated workroom. It's our aim to provide the industry's best work at an affordable rate. We perform our custom border work with the world's finest machinery & tools from NC Carpet Binding & Equipment. We are a high volume carpet & area rug fabrication workroom that performs jobs nationwide. If you have 1 rug or 1,000,000 to fabricate, Carpet Binding Service, Inc. is capable of providing immediate, reliable service.

Carpet Cutting Services: Carpet Hall Runners, Carpet Stair Runners, Area Rugs and More!

Whether the job is for a few hundred feet or several thousand feet of carpet base they are able to meet customers due dates for installation when planned for in advance. Rush orders are handled on a case-by-case basis. Carpet Binding Service, Inc. is also capable of cutting and binding uni-bond (hot melt backing) carpet base. Carpet Binding Service, Inc., receives and cuts carpets to your specifications for Cove Base, Elevator Carpets, Carpet Hall Runners, Carpet Stair Runners or Treads, Area Size carpets (i.e 6x9, 9x12, 12x15), Cut to Size Requirements, Circles, Ovals, Octagons etc.

Carpet Base: An Attractive Alternative to Conventional Baseboards

At Carpet Binding Services, carpet base can be fabricated using your carpet scraps and will always match your carpet and offers design continuity and more than superior aesthetics. Custom Carpet Base is a much softer alternative to the old standard once popular vinyl (cove) base. Carpet cove base will last for as long as you keep your carpet. Carpet base: Protect walls from scuffs, vacuums keeps it neat and clean.

Al's Carpet Binding Services Maryland District of Columbia & Virginia

Carpet Binding Services Tel. 301-773-1334 MD VA DC / Al's Binding service in Maryland District of Columbia & Virginia for Binding, Carpet Binding, Carpet Serging, Carpet Fringe, Carpet Services, Work Room Services, Carpet Cove Base, Cove Base, Maryland, MD, Washington DC, DC, Virginia, VA, New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, DE, NC. Carpet Binding Services is a dedicated warehouse operation equipped with industrial equip that applies edging to carpets.

Binding Services to Flooring Contractors, Carpet Installers & Retail stores

You save money $$, man hours and time using Carpet Binding Services to fabricate your carpet and base and offer a High Quality Carpet Finish for your Customers. We provide Binding Services to Flooring Contractors, Carpet Installers & Retail stores in the entire MD VA DC area. When your carpet salesman measures the carpet installation project, just take the regular measurements and perimeter carpet base feet  and calculate to extra carpet into your cuts. We can have your carpet cut, desired finishes and or carpet base ready to install quickly on the job.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery
in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area

Carpet Binding Services offers free pick-up and delivery in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Carpets are delivered back to your location within 3-7 days of pick-up. Call for a pick-up and delivery schedule. In addition to local Carpet Binding Services, we service customers from Flooring contractors, Carpet Installers and retail stores NATION-WIDE  Our shipping department will receive your carpets direct from the manufacturer for those custom ordered carpets we will be finishing for you. Major carpet manufactures and flooring contractors for hospitals, hotels, casino's, banquet hall or any large facility where linear are an issue. can handle any job requirement from one small local area run to 10,000+ feet of custom carpet base.

Custom Carpet fabrication, Carpet Binding and Carpet Serging Services

Don't use store bought carpet runners, area rugs or carpet base, at Carpet Binding Services, we can fabricate your carpet base using the carpet scraps from your carpet installation, that offers design continuity and more than superior aesthetics matching the carpet exactly.


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