Your sales team should be up-selling your carpeting customers carpet runners, area rugs or carpet base to match the carpets. You can make more profit selling Carpet base that is pre cut for your job. easy installation by you or your carpet installer.

Note: CBS offers, self adhesive carpet base for easier installation.

You save money, man hours and time using CBS to fabricate your carpet and base and offer a High Quality Carpet Finish for your Customers. When your salesman measures the carpet installation project, just take the base measurements and calculate to extra carpet into your cuts. We can have your carpet cut, desired finishes or carpet base ready to install quickly on the job.

It’s easy to use Carpet Binding Service for your Carpet cutting and carpet base needs. You simply measure out the pieces you will need, send us the carpeting (Choice to send direct from manufacturer or pick up local) to be used and we will create each piece custom, mark and package them for easy installation.

Don’t use store bought carpet runners, area rugs or carpet base, at Carpet Binding Services, we can fabricate your carpet base using the carpet scraps from your carpet installation, that offers design continuity and more than superior aesthetics matching the carpet exactly.

If you are a carpet dealer you already know that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising. Repeat business is the lifeline in the carpet industry. With this in mind, and with so many more dealers vying for the same customers you need to offer more for less. Carpet binding is an inexpensive and valuable add-on to make your customer feel good about doing business with you. Whether it be binding area rugs, room size carpets, runners or making something of the scraps left from a job, your customer will appreciate the extra service you are offering.

Because Carpet Binding Services, fabricates your Cove Base, Elevator Carpets, Carpet Hall Runners, Carpet Stair Runners or Treads, Area Size carpets (i.e 6×9, 9×12, 12×15), Cut to Size Requirements, Circles, Ovals, Octagons etc. You can be using your carpet scraps and offers design continuity and more than superior aesthetics. Custom Carpet Base is a much softer alternative to the old standard once popular vinyl (cove) base. The use of a carpet base can be used to protect walls from scuffs and vacuum cleaning appearing very neat and clean.

Carpet cove base is the latest room enhancement that is being used by more businesses and interior designers and is a great alternative to wood or vinyl baseboards in most any commercial installation including hotels and public buildings